This is an exclusive video page only available to Five30 smart phone app customers.  This page is not available elsewhere. 

The videos only go for a few seconds each, this is to save you on data download whilst viewing.  These video's are only a guide and and you should always consult a personal trainer if you are unsure on the movement.  They are listed in alphabetical order and new videos are constantly being added.

Ab wheel

Alternate box jumps

Ankle tap

Battle rope

Battle rope in plank

Bent over row


Box Jumps

Dead ball slam

Dead ball throw

Diamond push up


Dive bomber push up

Hip raise

Ice skater

Jump lunge

Just Abs

Kettle bell swing

Leg raise


Mountain climber

Power band back extension

Push up on ball

Push up on bar

Russian twist

Seated row

Sit up

Sled push

Squat into row

Squat into shoulder press

Steam engine

Step up with knee

Tyre flips

Tyre jumps

V ups

Vertical dead ball