Welcome to the motocross fitness bonus page

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Now I could write you a training program and say be on your way.  But if a program states you must do this on a Monday and that on a Wednesday, then what happens if you get caught up late at work, it's a super hot day or best of all "what if you have the chance to go for a ride on a particular day".  So I like the more realistic approach.  In here you will find even more session plans and gym ideas for you try.

The training sessions I have written obviously only have one thing in mind, and that is "being as fit as you can so you can ride your bike faster and for longer".  


Stay tuned to this page as I run group sessions at numerous gyms, so I add my session plans to this page as an added bonus. Bare in mind, not all of them will suit dirt bike riders, but it will say if its not.

Don't let your fitness slow you down!