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This month:

This month session is titled "The P.S.S.P session".  Meaning pushups, situps, squats and plank.

This is the exact session I will be putting my clients through this week out our outdoor sessions.  The session will consist of option 1 in a 5min sprint and a 10min sprint, pretty much going flat out and recording how many cycles they get through and then I will re-test them towards the end of the month.  I will record myself or one of my clients performing the below routine, so stay tuned if you can't quite workout exactly on how to perform the routine.

In the session plan you will see mention of a boxing timer.  Below is the one I use as its free and you can hear the timer and your music playing in your headphones at the same time.

Don't forget to check out the Five30Fitness Bonus Page as most of the previous months session plans are in there.

Next month:

Next month will be another "HIIT" session using a dead ball, either a 6, 8 or 10kg ball. If you or your gym don't have one then I highly suggest buying one as they can be used for so many exercises and they last ages.  If you choose to by just 1, then I recommend a 8kg one, 10kg or more can get heavy.

Future monthly pages will consist of, a write up on various heart rate monitors, a write up on supplements and more session plans for you to try, so stay tuned. Also please remember to like the Motocross Fitness Facebook page and please spread the word amongst your fellow riding friends, this will ensure the app continues to grow.