If you're reading this page then you know it takes a lot of energy to ride a dirt bike fast and for a long period of time.  Whether you race MX/ Off Road or simply the weekend warrior, then my outdoor session are perfect for you.

One of the biggest complaints riders have is running out of energy and of course the dreaded arm pump.  Unfortunately you may never get rid of arm pump, but the good news is there is plenty you can do to prevent it.  The obvious is bike setup, line selection, diet and of course your fitness.  Arm pump is caused by a period of exertion on the forearm muscles which causes the muscle to swell and therefore restrict blood flow.  So the fitter we are, the less exertion we put on our body.  This includes stronger legs so that we can grip the bike with our knees more instead of our arms and of course a stronger cardiovascular system.

My outdoor MX/Off Road sessions are specifically designed to help dirt bike riders.  They run for an hour and include a warm up and stretch.  Then its into the hard part, most sessions will be primarily circuit based utilising most of the equipment I have (see equipment page).  There will be no simple bicep curls or tricep extensions in these sessions, it is full of intense cardio and compounding exercises (utilising more then one muscle group at once).  You will find yourself throwing around dead balls and battle ropes one minute to flipping tyres the next, with only one focus in mind, riding your dirt bike for longer and faster.  

But don't worry if this sounds too intense.  All my sessions are designed in such a way that you can perform each exercise at your level of fitness.  So what better way is there to not only get fit, but also meet fellow dirt bike riders in the area.  

Remember to keep an eye on the "coming up" page for upcoming sessions and to book your spot as each session is limited to 12 participants.