Welcome to the rider support program. 

Supported riders have the following benefits:

  • A fitness and health appraisal on commencement of becoming a supported rider.
  • All supported riders can attend any outdoor session for FREE! Unlimited for the year!
  • Free unlimited personal training offered by Five30Fitness at Hammer's Gym.  
  • Loan any of the equipment on the equipment page for FREE.
  • Email or call for fitness advice.

To be eligible to become a supported rider you must: 

  • Hold a current MA licence.
  • Provide a profile picture and racing biography that we can post on this site.
  • Have the Five30 Fitness logo printed on your bike or stick a provided sticker on your bike.
  • Acknowledge Five30 Fitness on any podium you are fortunate to make.

The rider support program is open to all rider levels including offroad clubman and C grade MX.  Email us to apply or to find out more.


Want access to more programs and health tips but don't have an MA licence or fit the criteria mentioned above?

Don't stress - download the "motocross fitness" app on your smartphone.  It's available now! And contains numerous articles on health/fitness and gym programs to assist you in "riding faster and for longer".